Customer Testimonials

The staff was helpful and attentive to the dietary and educational needs of the group. They were responsive to our requests, and the chef who worked with us was fun, skilled, and patient. We are so fortunate to have That Cooking School right in our neighborhood!

Rachel S.

Every time we go (10), the staff personalized our experience. I always walked away with added knowledge in culinary skills. LOVE IT!!

Alana G.

Alex helped me plan my company event by email and was helpful and willing to work with our food restrictions (e.g., no shellfish) and budget. (I talked with several other cooking schools and they were intent on making the event as luxurious and expensive as possible.) Bill and Molly were well prepared and pleasant when the day came. The appetizers were good and as for the teaching, there was just a little talking and then we all got to start chopping, mixing, etc, under Bill's guidance. We liked the space - intimate though plenty big enough to work in. It all made for a special company party.

Elisabeth P.

My husband and I weren't sure what to expect, but were so happy we took the knife skills class. We came home, inspected our knives and bought a knife sharpener. both of us are more confidant in our knife skills and are able to get more uniform cuts in less time, and no injuries! We are now deciding what type of class we want to take next.


We had a great time and the food was fabulous! We both thought we knew how to grill (we took the grilling class) and learned a lot especially about side dishes to put with our meat!

Terry S.

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