Corporate Events at THAT Cooking School


Whether you are looking to reward your team with a fun cooking class or grow from a team-building cooking event, we have the experience for you.


Don't see the perfect class? Contact us and we'll create a custom event just for you!

Team Building

Gather your team for a unique experience of cooking and leadership.

Fun Cooking Experience

Looking for a relaxing get-together for your team? We offer many options!

View an Offering of Our Team Building Cooking Classes Below

Culinary Inferno - Our Most Popular Event!

Put your team to the challenge. We will turn up the heat and get your team cooking. Your group will be separated into teams based on their personalities and challenged with the task of creating a fabulous meal that will be judged on creativity, organization and TASTE!

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Chili Cook-Off!

Think you know how to make a mean chili or want to learn? Join forces and we will put your skills and creativity to the test!

Who Moved My Cheese?

Can you make a meal when your head chef gets replaced by the dishwasher? This class will challenge you to be creative even when things don’t always go as planned!

Your Custom Event Here!

Contact us today to create a custom, made-to-specification event for your group. We have hosted many custom cooking events and classes and would love to help you create the perfect experience for your group.

Don't See an Event that is "Right" for Your Group?

Contact us and we can create a custom cooking event that fits whatever needs you and your group might have. We are excited to talk to you and come up with something special!

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